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It's a Jungle Out There Art Camp (1 Day)

A La Carte Art Camp During World of Inspiration Week

Join us for DAY 4 of our World of Inspiration art camp, which features projects inspired by the the Amazon rain forest. Children will paint spotted jaguars, make colorful bird collages, and create fun emerald tree boas with polymer clay. About the Week: Pack your imaginary suitcase and take off for a fascinating tour that endeavors to see the world with an artist's eyes. Together we will create artwork inspired by places far and wide, including enchanting castles, mesmerizing mosaics, grand mountains, serene deserts, beautiful rainforests, dreamy beaches, and so much more. Techniques and mediums will include acrylic, watercolor, oil pastels, polymer clay, assemblage, collage, and a few more fun surprises! Ages 5-10 $45 Please bring a bag lunch. :-)

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