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Pop Art Party Art Camp (One Day Only)

A La Carte Art Camp During Magnificent Masterpieces Week

Join us for DAY 5 of our Magnificent Masterpieces art camp, which will feature projects that POP! Children will create artwork inspired by popular artists including Andy Warhol, Romero Britto, Yayoi Kusama, and more. About the Week: Famous artists and well-known masterpieces will serve as inspiration for our Magnificent Masterpieces camp week, which makes fine art FUN! Explore a variety of art movements and styles, including pop art, surrealism, impressionism, pointillism, and so much more. Techniques and mediums will include acrylic, watercolor, oil pastels, polymer clay, assemblage, collage, and a few more fun surprises! Ages 5-10 $45 Please bring a bag lunch. :-)

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