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Our Story

Sunshine Studio is a bright spot that welcomes all to dream, imagine, and create within its colorful walls. Started in 2009 under the name The Big Red Barn, our little place has had the honor of welcoming thousands of children to draw, paint, sew, play, and make magnificent artwork. In 2020, we changed our name to Sunshine Studio. Although we have made a few bright changes, at heart we will always be the beloved Big Red Barn, and we can't wait to continue its tradition of fun and wonder. We offer creative classes, camps, workshops and parties in a wide variety of engaging subjects and themes. Sunshine Studio is here to inspire discovery and spark imaginations- we can't wait to share our sunshine with you!

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A Magical Place!

Once upon a time, there was a little house. Everyone called it The Big Red Barn, and everyone loved it. It wasn't red, it wasn't big, and it wasn't a barn either- but everyone called it that anyway... Learn how the magical little house curiously transformed itself into the place we now call Sunshine Studio.

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Ms. Missy

Sunshine Studio is the brainchild of Melissa Durel Porter, otherwise known as Ms. Missy. Melissa has worked in arts education for 25 years, and has taught thousands of children a variety of subjects, including dance, children's music appreciation, visual arts, sewing, and more. Her wealth of experience and child-like spirit make her the perfect muse to inspire and assist children on their creative journeys.

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