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Draw & Paint ~ Art Class (Tuesdays)

Ages 5-8 Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastels, and More!

*Please note that we offer two days and times for this class. This is the Tuesday 4:30 option for ages 5-8. :-) DRAW & PAINT Class is just that- we draw, and we paint! 😄🎨🌞 Young artists will create landscape, still life, and abstract paintings while exploring the artwork of famous masters. As always, our goal is to look to the masters for inspiration, but to create our own unique art pieces. This engaging class allows children the opportunity to learn about artists, inspiration, masterpieces, and art-making techniques. We explore and discuss the elements and principles of art, such as line, color, shape, texture, patterns, balance, emphasis, and much more. Within structured lessons, children are encouraged to use their own visual voice and make choices that let their personality shine through. It is important to note that while we will use various masterpieces as springboards for our own work, the goal here is not to reproduce what has already been done. We encourage children to explore their own ideas and create something that is uniquely their own. Students are provided with a loose framework of steps for the piece and given gentle guidance, This way, there is no fear of doing anything the "wrong" way which, in turn, creates a safer, more open environment for personal expression. Techniques include watercolor, acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, collage, mixed media, and more. Mediums will vary based on lessons for the session; we like to keep things fresh and fun- you never know what we're going to dream up to inspire our classes!

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