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Fab Foodies Summer Art Camp

Draw, Paint & Create Projects Inspired by All Things Edible!

July 22nd to July 26th, 9am-1pm M-F Where to even begin when thinking of the fab foodie inspirations that await young artists at this camp. Cake, candy, sushi, picnic baskets, ice cream, fruits, veggies, Starbucks, pizza, burgers: the possibilities are endless. Food is always fun- after all, artists have been painting pictures of their food for hundreds of years! Techniques and mediums will include acrylic, watercolor, oil pastels, polymer clay, assemblage, collage, and a few more fun surprises. :-) In addition, we will explore a variety of masterpieces that feature food in a big way, such as Andy Warhol's soup cans, Cezanne's fruit still life paintings, Giuseppe Arcimboldo's food-filled portraits, Wayne Thiebaud's treats & sweets, and more. Ages 5-10 $225 Per Child $75 Deposit Required to Reserve Your Spot. Balance if $150 to be paid on first day of camp. Please bring a bag lunch. :-)

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