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This course can no longer be booked.

Sew Sweet ~ Kids' Sewing Class (Int/Adv)

Patterns, Pins, and Sewing Machines

At Sew Sweet Sewing class, children ages 8 and up learn how to use sewing machines, cut out patterns, pin, hand sew, and much more. Children make a wide array of projects, including garments, decor items, fiber art, patchwork, and plushies. It's really wonderful to see how much pride the kids have when they complete their projects. The class teaches lifelong skills that students will be able to use, and build on, for the rest of their lives. Sew Sweet sewing class is offered in 8 week sessions, which meet once a week. Each session has different projects, so sign up for as many as you wish! Can't commit to a 8 week class? We also offer sewing workshops for children and adults, as well as a summer sewing camp. Please check out our camps page for upcoming events, and join our email list to stay informed about upcoming classes and workshops.

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